The CFAEFFIPLAT project aims to establish a transnational network (Atlantic Arc Red), composed of managers of transport infrastructure administrations and public and private operators, dedicated to the promotion and development of the Atlantic rail freight corridor in consultation with the ports and logistics platforms in the Atlantic Arc.

Its specific objectives are:

  •  To promote the development, planning and implementation of railway infrastructure for freight transport, including the infrastructure necessary to connect the ports.
  •  To promote competitive and efficient intermodal transport services – in particular, railway and maritime – complementary to road transport.

The project action plan comprises the following actions:

  • The legal establishment and the commissioning of a transnational network designed to develop activities and get partners to remain beyond the execution of the current project
  • Actions aimed at analysing the monitoring of the infrastructure-related actions envisaged for the Atlantic Rail Corridor in the different planning instruments in force or being prepared (European, national)
  • Actions aimed at the analysis and diagnose of the current technical situation of the railway network making up the Atlantic Rail Corridor
  • Actions whose purpose is to improve the current situation and the forecasts included in planning tools
  • An analysis of the Corridor from the perspective of intermodal services
  • Actions whose purpose is the improvement of the optimisation of multimodal platforms and the current intermodal services and the definition of new, efficient and competitive intermodal services from the perspective of the multimodal logistics platforms