Project members are:

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Partnership Organisation

The basic organisational structure is composed of a Coordination Group that includes the Steering Committee and three focus groups.

The Steering Committee called SC: Steering Committee, is chaired by the project’s lead partner (the Basque Government) and it will bring together the representatives appointed by all of the partner organisations. It assumes the technical direction of the project and is established as the decision-taking body in the management and execution of the project. Its main objective is to ensure that the project is implemented according to the general lines laid down in the original plan as well as to help achieve the goals and outcomes of the project.

The three thematic working groups are focused on each of the lines of business activity. The working groups will cover the main aspects related to the promotion and development of the Atlantic Rail Corridor:

  1. Communication and organisation of the Network. Led by the Basque Government.
  2. Infrastructure and projects. Led by the Region of Aquitaine.
  3. Intermodality and services. Led by the Port Authority of Passages.

These are technical groups whose participants are partners and associates entrusted with the execution of a detailed work plan.

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